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Cash Management has never been so easy, powerful and flexible. Federal Trust Bank provides cash management services that are simple to manage and maintain right from your computer. Retain maximum control over your business finances, increase your investment opportunities and cut down on inefficient disbursement and collection processes. Build your own product from the basics to a full slate of services.

Account Analysis
With this system, we can track the services you use on a monthly basis for single accounts or groups of accounts in relationships – as well as the balances kept in your accounts.

An earnings credit rate is applied to your monthly average collected balance, giving you an earnings credit allowance. The system then compares your cost of services to the earnings credit allowance. If your cost of services is higher than the earnings credit allowance, you are charged the net difference. If the earnings credit allowance is higher than the cost of services, your fees are waived for the month. Statements are available on a monthly basis detailing account activity, average collected balances and services utilized for your whole banking relationship.

Automatic Sweep Accounts
Optimize the use of your company’s money by using our Sweep Accounts to automatically invest excess cash or reduce borrowings. You can set up a sweep account to maximize interest income by moving funds between your operating and investment accounts – and to reduce interest expense by moving funds between your operating account and business line of credit.

  • Totally automated loan management tool
  • Links operating account, investment account and business line of credit
  • Moves excess collected balances to reduce interest expense
  • Draws funds to cover daily transactions.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)
Need to track expenses from different offices or different types of payments, while avoiding idle balances? Zero Balance Accounts could be the ideal solution.

Zero Balance Accounts link your main operating account to one or more disbursement accounts. At the end of each banking day, the system nets all debits and credits made to the disbursement account. If the net is negative, an automatic transfer from the operating account to the disbursement account brings the balance to zero. If the net is positive, the balance is automatically transferred to the operating account.

Information Reporting:

  • Prior Day Balance and Transaction Reporting
  • Current Day Reporting
  • Multi-Bank Reporting
  • Export Capabilities
  • Imaging
  • Special Reports
  • Wire Transfer
  • Domestic and International
  • Dollar Limits
  • User Entitlements
  • ACH Origination
  • PPD, PPD+, & CCD+Transaction Capabilities
  • Free Form Addenda Capabilities
  • Reporting with User-Selected Criteria
  • Import from ASCII and NACHA Formatted Files
  • Tax Payments
  • Pre-Formatted Local, State and Federal Tax Templates
  • Internal Transfer
  • On-Us Account Transfers
  • Reporting with User-Selected Criteria
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