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The Small Business Administration more commonly known as the SBA is a Federal Government Agency established to protect and assist America's greatest resource... small business. The agency was created by Congress in 1953, to help capitalize small businesses that could not find reasonable financing. Today, SBA loans are the primary source of capital injected into the small business community nationwide. Last year the SBA assisted small business with over ten billion dollars of loan guarantees.
SBA's mission is to stimulate and foster economic development through small business, because helping small businesses get started and become successful is good for the nation's economy. Briefly, the SBA loan guarantee program works in the following manner. The SBA will guarantee a portion of a business loan made by Federal Trust Bank. By issuing a partial Federal Guarantee to us, your loan can now be approved via a SBA guaranteed loan.

Long-term loans can be made for almost any business purpose to qualified applicants. SBA guaranteed loan terms typically range from seven to 25 years depending on the purpose of the loan; in addition the loan is fully amortized.

To be eligible for an SBA loan, your small business must fall within a size standard set by the agency. This size standard is based on the annual receipts (generally under $10 million annually) or the number of employees (generally under 500), or depending on the type of industry and SBA program the company is applying for.

Management must be experienced and of good character with a cash flow profit history that indicates ability to service the proposed debt. The ratio of equity to debt must be reasonable for the industry and adequate collateral must also be available to support the loan. Good credit is a major factor in determining eligibility.

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